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All About Heated Dog Beds

All About Heated Dog Beds

Find Out Which Heated Dog Bed Is Good For Your Dog

Man’s best friends deserve to have their own beds and nothing will keep them warmer and cozier than a heated dog bed. These beds come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors and will provide a gentle heat for your dog. A heated dog bed is ideal for cooler months or for a dog that has arthritis.

Some beds have wiring in them that heats when plugged in and they work very well, but make certain that the cord is encased in a material that is chew-resistant. It is also important that the cord is UL listed. Many of this type of heated dog beds are thermostatically controlled and only stay warm where the dog lies.

This makes the bed more energy efficient. Some are designed to stay warm in sub zero degree weather. So if your dog sleeps in the barn, or garage, or basement, this type would be an ideal choice. If you are looking for a heated dog bed that does not need electricity, there are many thermal layered beds that work by reflecting your dog’s body heat back to them.

This is done through a unique inner core that insulates and then reflects their body heat. These self warming beds will make dreamland comfortable and cozy. Most beds come in small, medium, and large although some are only for small dogs and some have an in-between size, for example, a deluxe medium.

Some pet owners think that a heated dog bed is something new but many of these beds have been around for more than forty years. Veterinarians have found that heat is soothing not only for aging dogs, but for active dogs as well. If your dog has arthritis a heated dog bed will make a world of difference.

The warmth will soothe their sore muscles and ease their joint pain, much the same as heat does for our own aches and pains. All the beds are made to be cushiony soft and most come with both a water proof and a stain resistant cover that is removable and that is also machine washable.

If your dog likes to sleep only in their kennel, there are heated dog pads that are made to fit snugly into their kennel and that work the same way as a heated dog bed. Many of the beds and pads offer a low wattage heater that has dual thermostats that give your dog the perfect amount of heat.

Shop around online to find the heated dog bed that best suits your dog’s needs. These beds start at approximately twenty dollars depending on size and features; and many sites offer free shipping. A heated dog bed is a great way to show your “best friend” just how much you care!


Best Heated Dog Beds For Your Dog

Heated Dog Beds

Best Heated Dog Beds For Pampering Your Dog

Have you ever watched your dog sleep? The position they sleep in will give you a hint as to the type of heated dog bed that will suit their needs. Does your dog like to sleep on their back or their stomach? Do they like to stretch out their legs or curl up in a ball? All these factors can help you determine the best bed for them.

If they have long legs and like to stretch them out, a nice, warm rectangular bed will fit their need. If they like to curl up, a snug bed with higher sides that will help them to feel secure will fit their need. The size of your dog will also help to determine, from the
countless heated dog beds on the market, exactly which one will make your dog the most comfortable. A good dog bed will provide warmth, support, and security for your dog.

Heated dog beds will insulate your dog from the cold floor or from a chilly draft. If your dog sleeps on the porch or in the garage or basement, these beds will make a huge difference on cold nights. A bed that properly fits the individual size of your dog will help them to feel secure and safe, and it will also give them their own private space. Heated dog beds that offer extra cushion are especially good for older dogs or dogs that are overweight or have arthritis.

A warm, cozy bed can also help to prevent injury for your dog as they will not be jumping up and down off of beds and couches.
One important factor when choosing heated dog beds is to make certain (if you decide on a style that has a cord) to purchase one that has a chew-resistant cord and that is UL-listed.

Many of these offer energy efficient technology that will not heat the entire surface of the bed. They will only give off warmth where your dog is sleeping. There is another style that will keep your dog warm without the use of wires or batteries. These types of heated dog beds are thermally heated and come in all sizes, even one small enough to fit a small crate. If your dog likes a lot of support for their head while they are sleeping, look for a bed that has a higher back and higher sides; that way they can rest their heads on them in comfort
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Your dog is definitely worth taking a little bit of time to research the bed that will suit their needs. And you will get a lot of pleasure from the fact that their bed will soon become their favorite place to spend time. Heated dogs beds are not overly expensive (you can buy a good one for under one hundred dollars) so look for a quality bed. You will find that your dog will enjoy a lifetime of benefits that a good bed will offer them!


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